Outdoor Art Gallery Site

Site of the future Outdoor Art Gallery

The exterior walls on the side of the Priestess House are the destination for an outdoor art gallery.

The first item in this growing collection is Candace Ross’s “Envision Peace.”  There is room for many more paintings and wall sculptures on this wall, which faces the Temple of Goddess Spirituality.

We invite you to envision this finished exhibit with us, and to participate in creating it.

Donations of art should be on the topics of Goddess, Peace, Giving, or Nature.

A Planet Called Peace

Please bear in mind that items in the outdoor gallery will be exposed to the elements and should ideally be made out of durable materials. For more information on how to make art that will last outdoors, see our page on Desert Art.

All contributions of art must be coordinated through the resident Priestess in advance. To participate in the outdoor art exhibit, please read the Guidelines for Artist Participation and follow the instructions there.