Goddess temples have existed since ancient times, and there is evidence of widespread reverential Goddess practice in prepatriarchal times, and before the invention of both monetization and the written word.

The Temple of Goddess Spirituality dedicated to Sekhmet is a modern Goddess temple. Like temples of the past, it is a place devoted to honoring the Divine Feminine. Now more than ever, we draw inspiration and seek guidance from this eternal wisdom — for individual, collective, and planetary healing.

Sacred Labyrinth

Gratitude for this Sacred Labyrinth created by Morganne Baum, stylized likened to Crete, Greece

All are welcome to visit the temple between sunrise and sunset, 7 days a week. For overnight stays, contact the Guest Host of Resident Priestess to check availability and make reservations.

How the temple was founded

The Remembering Place

by Candace Ross

Our universe, our planet and every one of us is holy.

Every step, every breath we take, is done in sacred space.

But we humans get “caught up” in our individual forms of reality, and we forget

And so we have “remembering” places.

This temple is a “remembering place”.

As we let go of the mundane, and allow ourselves to engage the magical, remember the divinity that upholds you, sustains you, is you.

Blessed be.