Bees have been associated with Goddess Temples since ancient times. In fact, melissae (bees) is one of the terms for priestesses who tend a Goddess Temple. The Goddess Herself is the Queen Bee.

Bee Coin from Ephesus

Bee Coin from Ephesus

Many of us are presently concerned about the fate of our pollinators, as populations of honey bees around the world have plummeted in recent years. Many explanations for this have been proposed, including pesticide use, and commercial (non-organic) methods of bee “feeding and breeding” that have led to weakened strains.

Bees and other pollinators are essential to preserving our food supply. Our fates are truly interdependent. One way that people can help restore the bee population is to provide habitat for bees.

Non-honey producing bees are also pollinators, but we’d like to raise honey bees and enjoy the bonus of yummy honey!

If you have hives that you would like to keep at the temple, or wish to assist with establishing and caring for hives here, please contact us.