Priestesses MaryClare Foecke and Rev. Areeya Marie Sharpe

Current Priestesses in Residence

The Function of Priestesses

Priestesses are women who live in service with the Divine Feminine.  The functions of priestesses at the Sekhmet Temple include caretending of the temple and grounds, performing daily ceremonies, hosting visitors and retreatants, facilitating public rituals, and taking part in activities that further the mission of the temple.  These include promoting peace, goddess spirituality and gift economy; providing temple outreach; and facilitating an atmosphere and opportunities for learning and engaging with the Sacred Mother.

Priestessing In Residence

The chief caretenders and stewards of the Temple of Goddess Spirituality dedicated to Sekhmet are the priestesses in residence. The current Resident Priestesses are MaryClare Foecke (March 2020-present) and Areeya ~ Rev. Marie K. Sharpe (January 2021-present).

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Priestesses and Founder Bios

Candace Ross
Anne Key
Patricia Pearlman
Cynthia Burkhardt
Geneveve Vaughn (founder)