The Thousand Names of Sekhmet

A Sacred Art Trail is being created, winding through the grounds of the Temple of Goddess Spirituality, designed as a walking meditation on the many names of Sekhmet.

If you have visited the Temple, you may have had the wonderful experience of reading aloud 100 Names of Sekhmet. She is also called “The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names.” We know some of them, and others are yet to be discovered. Speaking the names of the Goddess aloud is one of the many ways She is invoked, honored, and awakened in our consciousness.

The ancient Egyptians and wisdomkeepers in many cultures throughout the world have shared the belief that names have power. “Speak my name,” says the Book of Coming Forth by Day, “and I shall live.” At full moon gatherings, we often speak the names of absent friends to invite their presence into the circle with us. How sweet it is to hear our name spoken with love!

The Vision: A Path in the Desert

Dana Mari envisioned this project while visiting the Temple in 2005. She saw a series of interconnected trails, with points of light (energy) at intermittent locations along the way — each one being a site on the trail devoted to one of Sekhmet’s many names. Initially, she envisioned the creation of mosaic path markers for the names of Sekhmet, around which small altars would develop. In 2010, resident priestess Candace Ross expanded this vision to include a much broader array of sacred art.

Imagine taking a walk through the desert. You turn a corner, and before you stands a sculpture honoring one of Sekhmet’s aspects. A path marker displays Her name: “The One Who Holds Back Darkness.”

You may stand or sit as long as you want before moving down the trail to the next spot, dedicated to another of Her names: “Bountiful One.” And so it goes…

Some of the art exhibits are large sculptures, others are objects like benches, arches, or standing murals. Some are interactive. These works of art are made out of many different materials: glass, stone, metal, bone, concrete, wood, shells, painted surfaces. Some are like tiny secret gardens, incorporating natural materials or living plants that are indigenous to the area.

Some depict Sekhmet in human, animal, or hybrid form. Some honor one of Her aspects as it is expressed in nature. Some show how we experience Her inside ourselves. And some are abstract expressions of energy.

As you walk this trail, your awareness opens to the breadth of what Goddess is.

Will you help us manifest this vision?

We imagine some of the pieces being created on site, while others may be made by artists in their home studios and shipped or brought to the temple. We imagine some pieces being made by individuals and others being made by groups of people. We imagine art retreats and workshops taking place at the temple to share art creation techniques and/or create collaborative art. We also imagine artists taking private retreats at the Temple to conceive and/or execute a vision. There are many possibilities…

IMPORTANT: Guidelines for Artist Participation

Please read our Guidelines for Artist Participation and our page on creating Desert Art. All art submissions must be approved in advance by the Resident Priestess.

This site contains a list of some of the many Names of Sekhmet.  In order to avoid duplication, once an application to participate has been approved, the name of Sekhmet chosen for the project will be marked on the list as reserved.

To organize a workshop or group retreat focused on sacred art or an art-creation technique, please contact us with your proposal and desired date(s).

To arrange for a private artist’s retreat, please read our page on Visiting the Temple.

To make a donation of art materials or tools to the Temple of Goddess Spirituality, please contact us.

We are excited to see what we co-create together as this project unfolds!