Welcome to the Goddess Temple of Sekhmet. I am so happy you have come to visit me. I am the Goddess of fertility, the desert, and much more. Fire is my element, and the Sun is my messenger. Come closer, I may whisper one of my more than 10,000 names to you. Humans only know about 4,000. But you may know more, – perhaps!

Visit with me, show me your love and sincerity. Tell me of your dreams. I also want to know of your dedication to purifying this Earth and honoring every spirit. Can you welcome death and know its true intention? Why give life to death? What does rage and anger satisfy?

Huh! You think that actions are reactions! No, I say. “Actions are love and love are actions.” Reactions are with no thought nor spirit. I do not want to conquer nor rule, for I Am. I have given you the arts, mathematics, and sciences, to fulfill your needs, to grow and enjoy. Yet you are not satisfied without power. Why is power better than all of what is natural and in abundance around you and the beautiful gifts that flourish in your garden?

It is not fear that I support, but a desire to wash your eyes, cleanse your ears and clear your throat. For then, you will see the smile, hear the birds, and talk the truth. When you understand this, then, there will be no blood shed upon the earth.

[Channeled from Sekhmet to Patricia Pearlman, former priestess-in-residence]