Supporting Membership & Donations

Infinite gratitude for your generosity and nourishment in these times and aLLways.
Contributions of any size, and “one time” donations are greatly appreciated, and recurring donations allows us to establish an ongoing, monthly budget. A beautiful way of gifting to participate in sustaining the Temple is to sign up for a recurring, tax deductible donation. (with an option to cancel at any time).  With 600 people who gift a $10 monthly donation we can maintain the Temple, the grounds and guesthouse in support of Earth Conscious Spirituality, honoring the Divine Feminine, Peace Activism and the Maternal Gifts from which life flows.

Any and all, either one time or recurring donations can be easily scheduled in the near future thru Paypal. Onetime donations can be made thru Paypal to, Checks payable to Sekhmet Temple Cactus Springs and mailed to PO Box 813, Indian Springs, NV 89018 and thru Square onsite.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Blessings aLLways

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