Prayer to Sekhmet by Temple Founder Genevieve Vaughan

Oh Sekhmet

Mighty in your wisdom and understanding

Powerful in compassion and pity for human frailty

Knowing the means of salvation

Knowing how to make radical change

Miracle maker

Help us leave aside our doubts

No longer cling to weakness

Help us commit to the true path

Individually and socially

Always remembering  the third of humanity

Who do not have enough safety,  food and clean water

To live a peaceful thriving life

And the 1% of humanity who have stratospheric wealth.

Help us understand the connection between them,

The great economic wheel of extraction that must be undone if we are to survive.

Give us the rage to protect life against  radiation

Against exploitation

Against pollution of chemicals and plastic

Against patriarchal ideology

That promotes war as a solution to problems

Pitting one against many

One man or one nation over many to endless destruction.

The capacity to kill, to take life,  is not the human Way.

Instead, Mother Sekhmet, the capacity to give and protect life is the Way.

Your lions only take as much as they need. They do not make war against other lions

Or even against antilopes.

Let us learn to limit aggression,

To serve only Life

of plant, animal and human.

The integrity of the environment

Against the manipulation of its tiniest particles and the mayhem it can cause

There is no Mother of all bombs.

Mothers give and nurture life

Bombs are creations of Patriarchy

They do not have mothers and they are not mothers.

May Patriarchy desist and end

As if it had never been.

Sekhmet’s answer

I who am the fury against destruction

Felt by each human woman who gives and cares for  life

And by each human man who allows himself to be liberated

By Me to further the values of life

I who stand at the beginning of time,

Stand against the end of time

Proposed by the war mongers.

I rage against their risk perversion

Their silly gambling

Challenging the Fate that loves Life

That loves the four and a half billion years

Of its evolution, the tiny details that make up the niches

And the  delicate ways they fit together.

May each human remember the preciousness of all life and her own.

Honor Me in these desperate times when the world is awry

And all seems lost. Life will find a way. You who love Life will find a way.

Humans must serve Life with all their creativity, heart and spirit.

The destruction of Life on this planet is not an option.