October events at the Temple!

Hello Family!
Before I list the awesome events we’ll be having at the Temple this month, let me explain the photo.
Going to try again to get folks to bring their own eating utensils to our potlucks. It is not only good for the environment (to bring and use reusable table ware) but helps the Temple budget as well.
You can bring reusable plastic or ceramic table service. My favorite is the divided container (with lid). Works as plate and bowl in one! (At second feast you are welcome to load up on whatever you like, put on the lid and you’ll have lunch for the next day!)
We will keep paper goods on hand for those who forget or are new.

Now for those events!

Sunday October 13 – Full Moon – We will have potluck in the pavilion at 7 pm, (please bring a dish to share) followed by ritual in the Temple at 8pm
All are Welcome

Saturday October 26 – The Temple will host Vegas Vortex’ Bone Dance. All night drumming circle. Please check their website for details

(No New Moon this month since ya’ll will be exhausted from Bone Dance!)

Thursday October 31 – Samhain Special Event! 2 rituals

There will be an Ancestor Altar set up in the Pavilion where you can place mementos of your ancestors, (remember to take them with you when you leave) as well as light a candle.

Potluck at 7 pm (you can honor a beloved who has passed by bringing a favorite dish of theirs to share).

First ritual at 8 pm in the Temple, then back to the pavilion for 2nd feast and great conversation.

Second ritual will be with Priestess Novaembre at midnight.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Love and blessings,
Priestess Candace Ross