Ming (my live in helper and companion til the end of the year) and I have been making great headway with the pit greenhouse. The southern facing rock wall is going up quickly, and we will be starting on the wooden planter box opposite it very soon.

This Thursday, November 10th is Full Moon. We will gather in the Guest House for potluck from 7 to 8pm, followed by ritual in the Temple, weather permitting. (guest house if not)

Friday, November 11th is Feisty Feminist Film night. This month’s documentary is “Crossing the American Crises,” from collapse to action. Please plan to arrive by 7:30. The film will be shown in the Guest House and starts promptly at 7:45pm.

Women’s New Moon is Friday November 25th. We will gather in the guest house for potluck (Thanksgiving left overs welcome!) from 7 to 8 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple, weather permitting (guest house if not.)

The November 5th Field trip to Cal-Earth in Hesperia, California was amazing. I’ve been there several times before and wanted to share this awesome place with others as interested in sustainable building as I am. Founder Nader Khalili’s son and daughter have taken over the organization since his passing in 2008. Nader was a humanitarian and became interested in helping people in war torn areas all over the globe. One of his many books, Sandbag Shelter, is “dedicated to empowering people to use the materials of war, sandbags and barbed wire, to make safe shelters.

My daughter and son-in-law met us there, and were very impressed with the full size home called Earth One that has recently been completed. With two functioning bathrooms and kitchen, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t welcome an opportunity to live in a home like this. Permitting continues to be a problem with many building departments but things are beginning to change.

We will begin our sustainable projects here in the spring, starting small with a wall or bench, perhaps a raised garden beds, then leading up to a small meditation dome if interest and people-power permit.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!