A Very Special January!

Please read carefully, our events have changed!

We are now inviting men to the New Moon and have added a separate Women Only event

New Moon – Saturday January 5 – Open to All

Beginning in January 2019 we will be inviting men and well as women to New Moons!

Normally we will have potluck together at 7pm, then break into to 2 groups for ritual and/or workshop at 8 pm.,

One of our newest members of the Ordination Program, Celebrant Edmond, will be leading the

men’s division of New Moon.

Since this New Moon falls on a Saturday however, we will be expanding it for a fuller day of activities.

Edmond will be baking bread in the outdoor oven (horno) starting around noon. (It takes about three hours to heat).

Potluck will be at the normal time (7 pm) in the Guest House. Please bring a dish to share.

At 8 pm, the women will remain in the Guest House for a ” Collage Vision Board workshop” We will provide magazines, glue sticks and scissors but please bring photos and any other items you would like to use in your board) and Edmond will hold ritual in the Temple with the men.

Red Moon Circle – Saturday January 12 – Women Only Event

This event will be held from 3 to 5 pm in the Temple

Come join Priestesses Victoria and Vanessa for an energizing, sacred fire ceremony. Cleanse old energies, purify your intentions, and manifest your dream vision for 2019! Dress warm and wear red if you would like.

Full Moon Celebration – Monday January 21 – Open to All

We will gather in the Pavilion (weather permitting) for potluck at 7 pm (please bring a dish to share, and dress warmly.) Ritual will be in the Temple at 8 pm.

See you soon!

Happy New Year!!!!!!