Several years before moving to Nevada, I came across an article written by Wren Farris entitled, “Honoring the Unborn.” I was so moved by what Ms. Farris had to say, I placed the article in one of my many “to do” folders, knowing the Goddess had work for me in this area.

I have known the sorrow of both abortion and miscarriage, and was led to create a memorial as a way to help anyone suffering from similar losses.

According to Ms. Farris’ article, the Japanese do this with Mizuko Jizo (a Buddhist Bodhisattva protector of the unborn) and Mizuko Kuyo (water child ritual).

A Mizuko Jizo is a small statue (about 8 inches tall,) resembling a baby Buddha. The Jizo cradles a spherical orb symbolizing peace, has elongated ear lobes symbolizing wisdom, and stands on a stylized lotus flower representing the Jizo’s enlightenment. The spirits of lost children are protected by the Mizuko Jizo, tucked safely inside the long sleeves of his robe.

Mizuko Kuyo are rituals surrounding baby loss–miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion–and can be as simple as saying a prayer or lighting a candle.

In America, we often don’t talk about such grief; we hide it away, especially grief associated with abortion. This can (and often does) create a fracturing of our spirit and “soul loss.”

We need the opportunity to grieve, a safe place to share our stories, to ask for and offer any forgiveness we feel is needed, and to remember and honor our children’s lives.

With the help of many hands, a small shrine has been created for this purpose here on the grounds of the Temple of Goddess Spirituality. I’d long debated whether a Goddess should preside over this shrine, or to use the traditional Japanese Mizuko Jizo, finally deciding to use the Jizo, as he embodies so many of the feminine aspects of Divinity honored here.

While the shrine can be visited anytime during regular hours of operation, private ritual and personal counseling is also available. You may contact me by calling 702-569-0630 or e-mailing

Bright and bountiful blessings,

Priestess Candace Ross