GoddessesExciting news!

The Temple of Spirituality, dedicated to Sekhmet is putting together a short video on the Goddess movement as well as a Goddess Directory of Goddess organizations and facilities, goods, services, etc.

We are hoping to be chosen to present the video at the Parliament of World Religions this coming October in Salt Lake City. But even if we aren’t, we will make the video and attach it to the website, as well as have it available for showing at workshops, seminars etc.

The proposed title of the film is “Goddess: Past-Present-Future”

The Directory will be available on line as well as in print form. Everyone is encouraged to e-mail a photo of your facility or yourself, along with how you wish to be identified in the video and your contact information for the Directory. A signed release form (download here) must also be included with your information.

Although we cannot guarantee everyone will be in the video, (it is only 15 minutes long and there are soooo many of us!), we plan to include everyone who wants to be in the Directory. You may be listed under several categories if you choose.

Submissions should be sent to e-mail: goddessbless2015@yahoo.com

Deadline for submission for the video will be: August 1, 2015

Please forward this any person or group (world wide!) that you think may be interested.