Hello Family!

As we move deeper into the shift, it becomes more and more clear that Gift Economy will be the way of the future. We will relearn what “community” means and how “gifting” our talents to one another rather than “selling” them will make us all richer.

I am going to start offering “one on one classes,” based on individual needs and time frame. Group classes, of course, can also be arranged. If you have an interest in any of the following subjects, please contact me:

Green Building-(Earth Bag/Cobb/Straw bale)
Gardening – (Container – Herb – Greenhouse)
Hyper-Tufa planters, etc.
Raw Food prep and recipes
Gluten-free baking and recipes
Dehydrator use and recipes
Making your own safe, green cleaning products and cosmetics
Holistic Health Assessment

If you have a “gift” to share with the community, we would love to hear from you!

Road Trip!

Avalon Organic Gardens & Ecovillage is holding a Earth Harmony Festival October 6 and 7, 2012. It is about an 8 hour drive from here to Tumacacori, Arizona. (Details at earthharmonyfestival.org) I would really like to go and was wondering if anyone else would like to share the adventure. I will probably camp but there are hotels in town as well. If you are interested, or if you aren’t interested in the trip, but could stay in the Guest House that weekend and oversee things here at the Temple, please contact me.

Bright and bountiful blessings,

Candace Ross
e-mail: worldpeacevolunteer@yahoo.com
phone: (702) 569-0630