Fire Safety is a Priority

On Sunday, Spirit told me to turn on the hose and go out to the Temple. As I had not filled the water bowls that morning, I assumed this was what the guidance was about. However, when I got there, I found the stump seat next to Virgen de Guadalupe burning!

There were several people in the Temple on Sunday morning, and I do not think this was an act of vandalism, although with the high winds we’ve been having, it could have been a disaster.

You can see a rock still sitting on the stump, and it appears that someone set a candle on it and walked away.

Please do not use anything but tea lights in the Temple, and only in a glass container with sand in the bottom!

If the person responsible reads this, please talk to me about it, so that we can know that it was not deliberate.

Thanks to all for being safety-conscious.

Love and Blessings,

Candace Ross