Upcoming Events at the Temple

  • Friday, February 2nd, we celebrate Imbolc, The Promise of Spring. Again it will be potluck in the pavilion at 7pm, (please bring a dish to share) followed by ritual in the Temple at 8 pm. This event is open to all.
  • Thursday February 15th, we will be having one of my favorite rituals for Women’s New Moon called “Goddess Not Forgotten”. We will gather in the Guest House for potluck at 7 pm, (please bring a dish to share) and ritual in the Temple at 8 pm. Each participant will choose a scroll with the name and description of a Goddess you are probably not familiar with. You will spend some time with this Goddess then share Her message (if you choose) with the rest of the group.

This event is Women Only.

See you soon!

Love and blessings,
Priestess Candace Ross