Earthsong 2024
Celebrating Mother Earth
We’re so thankFuLL to gather together and celebrate this Mother Earth and all the living things. Well Come to the 9th Earthsong ceremony on April 22, 2024 at 1:11pm. This is a time when we gather on a Springtide day, many different traditions to say thank you together to our Parent planet as one. This is an incredibly wonderFuLL opportunity of saying thank you with the diverse beauty of community. Honoring, engaging and enhancing each of our unique relationships of these precious earthly bodies with Mother Earth….with our willingness and joy to express it together. We will meet at the guesthouse pavilion for lunch at 11:11am, a great time to share a dish you love. Aa a group we begin to process up to the Temple for ceremony at 1245pm to begin at 1:11pm. Group tone of gratitude at 2:22pm. Once everyone has shared their offerings to this Mother earth and the fire, there’s opportunity to enjoy more of your meal in pavilion, walk the land and converse with nature. See you soon

Blessings aLLways