Hello Family!
What a beautiful night we had for our Celebration of the Ancestors.  Here are a few shots (Altar to Lost Children, Sekhmet and Ancestor Altar)  that I took before ritual began:

Altar Honoring Children Who Have Died

Sekhmet Statue During Celebration of the Ancestors

Altar Honoring Our Ancestors

PLEASE NOTE: Changes coming to the Winter Calendar.  Since more and more people are eating prior to potluck and fewer people are bringing dishes to share, we will be dis-continuing the Potlucks at least through the end of the year. (Nov and Dec 2015).

By January we will decide whether or not to start up the potlucks again.  Would love to here from everyone regarding this matter.
We will set up coffee and tea water in the pavilion for those who wish to come early or stay after ritual during these winter months.