Hello Family!

So many wonderful rituals planned for you this August!

PLEASE NOTE time changes!!!! See you there!!

Lammas || August 2nd || Gather at 7pm || Potluck to follow Ritual || Open to all!

Join us to celebrate Lammas, the ancient festival of First Harvest, on Thursday, August 2. We gather at 7:00 pm. In August, the days grow visibly shorter. This is the first of three harvests before winter is upon us. It is the beginning of fall and the ending of summer, but the weather is still summer hot. It is a time for rejoicing and celebrating the grain and first fruits harvest. Grains are the first crop, and from the grain comes bread – so this is the harvest of bread. The name “Lammas” comes from “Loaf Mass” and the celebration honors the loaf that was baked in thanksgiving for the ripening grain. Now we look at what we have sown and are now reaping. Now we look to the future and what we want to reap. We will honor the planting of seeds, the harvesting, and the work for the future. Potluck following ritual.

Full Moon || August 15th || Gather at 7pm || Potluck to follow Ritual || Open to all!

On Thursday, August 15, we celebrate the full Moon. We gather at 7:00 pm. The Moon is in Aquarius and the Sun is in Leo. This moon is most often called the “Sturgeon” moon because sturgeons are caught more easily at this time in North America, but it has many other names as well. August is a time to celebrate abundance. The full moon in Aquarius has a strong need for emotional freedom. This moon feels lighthearted but has warmth and dynamism. At this time, we need to make sure our feet are firmly planted on the earth, and that we work for the common good of all humanity. We will draw down this Moon’s power into us, and make Moon wishes, for ourselves, for someone else, and for the universe. Potluck following ritual.

Sacred Unknown Red Moon Circle || August 17th || 6-8pm in the Temple || Divine Femme Only

As feminine beings, we are living portals, a direct connection to the Great Cosmic Void. We are the bridge between the manifest and unmanifest. Celebrate the beautiful divinity of the feminine in the sacred Temple of Sekhmet as we embrace this embodied power. Please join Priestesses Vanessa and Victoria for this magical time. Bring a light dish for our potluck, if you’d like and instruments, artwork/supplies, divination tools and any other things you are inspired by! All women and female-identifying beings welcome!!! We will meet in front of the guesthouse and walk up together about 10 minutes before 6pm. If you arrive after 6, just head up to the temple.

New Moon || August 30th || Gather at 7pm || Potluck to follow Ritual || Open to all!

The New Moon is honored on Friday, August 30th. We gather at 7:00pm. The new moon is in Virgo, while the Sun is in Leo. Because of Virgo, our feeling of security at this time is tied to order and clarity, and we want to organize everything that is chaotic. But this is also a time to tap into our creativity, and sometimes our emotions can hinder that. At this New Moon, we will let go of those emotions that no longer serve us – stress, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy – those feelings that have been holding you back. Then, we will bring in creativity, wisdom and guidance for the future. Potluck following ritual.