May Events at the Temple and Beyond

Beltane/New Moon – Nick-named ,‘Moontane’, (there will not be a separate New Moon this month) by our very own Priest Edmond! Wednesday May 5– Due to an extended ritual we will be starting at 6:30pm – Open To All!

If you are so inclined, please wear chaplets (floral head wreaths), bells, festive colors – it’s time for Celebration!

We will gather in the Pavilion at 6:30 pm for potluck, (please bring a yummy, healthy dish to share) then at 7:30 pm, the May Queen will lead our Merry group out to the Maypole for a fun frolicking dance, weaving intentions of prosperity, fertility!

From the Maypole we will go to the Temple. Rather than risking folks jumping over a fire; we will have dual Bel-fires outside the South entrance into the Temple. Each person (or as a couple) will pass between the fires, (for cleansing purification and to bring prosperity), then enter the Temple. Ritual will be led by Priestess Laurelinn and Priestess Aislion, including a special Beltane guided meditation.

After ritual we will have Second Feast.

Red Moon Circle, Please join us Saturday, May 11th from 3-5pm for sacred connection into the Unknown.

As feminine beings, we are living portals, a direct connection to the Great Cosmic Void. We are the bridge between the manifest and unmanifest. Celebrate the beautiful divinity of the feminine in the sacred Temple of Sekhmet as we embrace this embodied power. Please bring a dish for our potluck and instruments, artwork/supplies, divination tools and any other things you are inspired by! All women and female-identifying beings welcome!!!

Full Flower Moon Celebration – Saturday, May 18th – starts at 7 pm – Open To All!

Please join us at 7 pm for potluck (please bring a yummy, healthy dish to share) followed by ritual in the Temple at 8 pm. We will gather in the Pavilion for potluck at 7:00 pm, then at 8:00pm we will go to the Temple. Ritual will be led by Priestess Laurelinn and Priestess Aislion.

After ritual we will have Second Feast.

Other recommended events (NOT at the Temple!)

Thursday May 11, 7:00pm – Midnight: Dark Arts Market

Location: Cornish Pasty Co

The market is back – oddities sideshow performances, artists, food, drink and more! As always, this event is kid friendly and free!

Tuesday May 14th, 11:00am – 7:00pm Pagan Pride LV presents their 2019 Tattoo Event!!

Location: Blue Note Tattoo

2275 E. Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89119

For $30 you can get a pagan themed tattoo (your choice of 4 designs). All designs are approximately 1-2 inches in size and are AS SHOWN (no modifications please), walk-ins only.

Proceeds will benefit Pagan Pride Day 2019, see their Facebook page for further information.

Sunday May 26, 11:00am – 2:00pm: Sin City Witches present – A Nature Walk through the Botanical Garden, Butterfly Habitat and Lunch

Location: Springs Preserve 333 S. Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107

See Sin City Witches Facebook page for more information.