World Peace Mural at the Goddess Temple

Hello Family,

When I look around this amazingly beautiful planet, and see what humanity has done (to the Earth and to each other,) I cannot help but become overwhelmed with sadness.
This is NOT how life on Earth was ever meant to be.
I want to share with you two messages I received from “Spirit”, both of them in response to my praying for peace.
The first one was several years ago.  I was at home, on my knees asking Creation to please bring peace to the planet, and the response I got, much to my sad surprise was:
“Until you can give up hate, you are not ready for peace.”

Are we ready to give up hate?
As I scan Facebook posts daily, seeing so many seething with hate for different religions, for poor people, for immigrants, for refugees, it doesn’t seem like we are.
We must give up hate.  There is no other path to peace.
The second message came more recently.  I was praying for an end to violence, this time in the Temple, and the answer I received was:
“Evil will destroy itself.”

Yes, I believe that. Evil will destroy itself.  But it needs to happen NOW.
For World Peace to “come” and World Violence to “go,” we must all be involved.
I believe each of us has come here to this time and this place for a reason.  I believe we are here to bring love, light and joy not only to ourselves but to the planet and beyond.
I believe we CAN do this, but it requires (non-violent!) action.
Can we give more and take less?
Can we open our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking?
Can we acknowledge there is no “us” and “them,” it is all us?
Can we get up every morning and say, “Today I will make a positive difference in the world”?
Can we spread joy by being joy?
Can we spread love by being love?
Can we spread light by being light?
We can.
We must.
Blessed be,
Candace Ross