As I wandered the Temple property this morning, I was (as always) struck by the abundance that surrounds me here in the Nevada desert.
Not only the trees and flowers that I and past Priestesses have planted are growing well, but the wild things that have self planted.
Apple, pomegranate, mesquite, desert willow and creosote, rosemary, mint, thyme, sage, rose, yarrow, oregano and cactus have all rooted and done well here.

I’ve attached a photo of what is most likely the last rose of the season.  It has been slow to flower as if saving the best for last.  Of all the roses, this one, a delicate lavender, has the richest scent.

We celebrate Full Moon this Sunday, November 17.  It will be a time of Thanksgiving for all we have been blessed with this past year, and gratitude for all that is yet to come.

Life is such a blessing.  Age brings that into focus ever more clearly. Having just celebrated my 62nd year on our beautiful and truly amazing Planet Earth, my heart over flows with awe and gratitude for all I have had the honor of experiencing.

Love and blessings,