Several years ago, I met a man named Timothy Rosenbaum, who was here visiting the Temple of Sekhmet.  We’ve stayed in touch, discussing the many technical and spiritual challenges and joys of Priest/Priestess-hood.

Tim has built a stone circle Temple to Hathor singlehandedly on his property in Wisconsin.  I’d seen photos and made up my mind to visit Tim and his unique Temple the first chance I had.

In May, I put together a little “Spiritual Journey” road trip for myself, and Tim’s Temple was a “must see”.

He lives just outside of Richland Center. I spent the night there in a motel,  and Tim drove down to meet me the next morning.  I followed him to his place, as it is a bit tricky to find.

We walked up a forest path behind his home, green and lush with all kinds of plants and trees.  There were may apples along the way, which reminded me of my childhood growing up in Pennsylvania.

Suddenly, just ahead in a clearing, the structure came into view, illuminated in the morning light, and I could feel the magick.
What a wonderful place!

Tim showed me around, explaining how he comes every day and does ritual.  I’d brought an offering of potted flowers for Hathor’s Temple altar, but realized they would be quick food for the wild life (just as in the Temple here!) and told Tim he was welcome to move them to a better spot.

The energy of this special place is amazing.  Even more amazing to me, is that Tim has built this all by himself, using liquid stone (concrete) as he was instructed by the Goddess. Many pieces of the Temple had to be poured in place as the weight was too great for transport from his workshop to the Temple site.
After walking back down the path to his home, we commiserated on the difficulties of engaging the community to financially support facilities like this.  It is a question I hear posed often by spiritual people maintaining spiritual sites.  (If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear it!)
Anyone wishing to visit Tim Rosenbaum’s Temple can contact
him at:

Bright blessings,