Hello family!

I know all of you who made it out for Vegas Vortex’ Bone Dance had a wonderful and enriching experience. Thanks Jeff and Abbi for once again putting together a wonderful event.

Thank you Kiya and Nancy for being this year’s Temple Fire Keepers. You two did a fantastic job, and I am most grateful for your sincerity and dedication.

There was a lovely Maiden to Mother private ritual and potluck Sunday afternoon, put on by Mary Lou for her friend Danielle. Danielle had envisioned this transition surrounded by women, and Mary Lou did a great job of manifesting that vision for her. It was beautiful and moving. After-wards the men in Danielle’s life were invited into the Temple to continue the ritual before all of us went back to the guest house for food and fun.

A reminder of upcoming Temple events! Wednesday October 26 is Women’s New Moon. We will have potluck from 7 to 8 pm followed by collage work. Please remember to bring a shoe box, personal photos you want to include (and don’t mind cutting up) and a glue stick and scissors if you can. This project is called “The Hidden” and can be a very powerful experience.

There will be a Bake Sale at the Indian Springs Rec Center on Saturday October 29th to benefit the newly formed Friends of the Library. Give me a call if you would like additional information. 702-569-0630

And of course our Samhain ritual will be Monday October 31st. Our focus will be on remembering and celebrating our beloved who have passed, (not Halloween.) Please bring a favorite dish for potluck of someone you would like to honor that evening. We will gather at the guest house from 7 to 8 to share our food and stories, then head up to the Temple around 8:15 for ritual. The pavilion will be set up as a remembrance area with candles, flowers and altar. You are welcome to bring photos or other items of remembrance to place on the altar that evening.

For anyone thinking about participating in Spring 2012’s Alternative Architecture workshops, the Field Trip to Cal-Earth Works (Hesperia, Ca,) on Saturday November 5th will enthuse and inspire you. It is about a 3 hour drive, so we will need to leave at 7am, and will be gone all day. Call me for more details. 702-569-0630

Fall Blessings to all!