Hello Family!

Priestess Terri, a new friend named Danette and I just spent 5 days together at the Parliament of World Religions. It was an amazing event, held this time in Salt Lake City, but has been hosted all over the world.  The next one will be in 2017, location not yet announced.  If you have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend you do so.  The positive energy generated by the inter faith people attending was nothing short of miraculous.  You could see and feel the love pouring out of people from so many different paths, cultures and countries.

The Temple’s presentation was titled “We Are One,” and focused on “Divinely Bestowed Diversity.”   Our differences should not be a source of conflict but one of celebration!

I also took the opportunity to visit the Great Salt Lake.  It is an amazing natural wonder.  I felt a deep connection with the Lake and hope to return some day.

Three events coming up next week!

. Full Moon/Feast of Sekhmet on Tuesday October 27
. Bone Dance on Friday, October 30
. Samhain on Saturday, October 31


Details and times vary, so please check the calendar section of this website or the Temple of Sekhmet Facebook page for the details posted earlier this month, or you can contact me with questions at 702-569-0630.

Love and Blessings!