Sekhmet Statue

Sometime during the night on Friday, April 18 or the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, April 19, 2014, the statue of our beloved Sekhmet was stolen from the Temple of Goddess Spirituality in Cactus Springs, Nevada. $4,000 reward* is being offered for information leading to arrest and conviction of the person or persons committing this desecration (*updated May 5, 2014).

If you have any information regarding this crime or the whereabouts of the statue, please contact Candace Ross at 702.569.0630 or worldpeacevolunteer AT

You can help by downloading, printing, and distributing the reward poster available below, and by forwarding it to any groups or individuals that might assist us:
Sekhmet Reward Poster

You can also view news coverage of the theft on the kntv news website.