I have very much enjoyed living by myself the past 4 years. I am however, open to sharing this amazing experience with another person, male or female, committed to the core values of the Temple, ( Goddess Spirituality, Peace and the Gift Economy) and willing to work side by side with me on a regular basis. Shorter term stays are also an option; this does not need to be a permanent commitment.

The “work” would range from the magickal to the mundane, anything from helping create ritual and workshops, planting gardens, making art, community service volunteer work, attending vigils/protests at the Test Site and elsewhere, to scrubbing toilets and cleaning carpets.

You would have a private room in my home at no cost, and we would share living room, kitchen and bath. (You would be responsible for your own food and personal items.)

I am going to be very selective about who I choose. I am not looking for a “room mate” or a “servant”. I am searching for someone who like me, feels that having an opportunity to live on this land and serve the Goddess, is a dream come true.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested. For more information or to set up an interview, please call me at 702-569-0630 or email worldpeacevolunteer@yahoo.com.

Anyone who wishes to apply must visit (or have visited) the temple.

Goddess Bless,