Last week, I was talking with Someone new to the temple, and asked if they planned to attend our upcoming Samhain event.  They told me no, as they were not into the Halloween scene.

I explained that we do not do Halloween here, and thought it best to let others not familiar with our traditions know as well.

Samhain is a Celtic celebration, the last of three harvest festivals.  It is also a time when the veil between the worlds of the living and dead is believed to be thinnest.

Our Samhain evening consists of a Potluck Feast at 7:00 pm in the Guest House.  As in the past, I am asking everyone who can to bring a favorite dish of a Beloved who has passed beyond the veil, as well as a story or two to share about them.

Several years ago, I brought Pringles potato chips and those horrible orange marshmallow circus peanuts” in honor of my father, who was a wonderful man, but had terrible taste when it came to treats!

There will be an ancestor altar set up in front of the temple where you can light a candle for those who have passed.  There will also be space for photos and personal mementos that can be placed on the altar before the evening’s ritual, and retrieved before you leave.

Our ceremony will focus on thanksgiving, and connecting with those who have journeyed beyond the veil through a guided meditation.  The tone of this evening is happy and respectful.

Some people come in costume (especially if they will be going to parties later in the evening), but anything gory or satanic is inappropriate.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments at 702.569.0630 0r

Bright and Beautiful Blessings,

Priestess Candace Ross