The day before I left my job in San Diego to come here to the Temple, my employer took me aside and said, “Okay Candace, what’s it going to take to keep you?”

I remember my response very clearly. I said, “You could double my salary, and I wouldn’t stay. This is my life’s calling.”

Yesterday Letecia posted on Face Book a wonderful song by Anique Radiant Heart called “We are the Priestesses”. The song is amazing and I will be sharing it in this evenings Women’s New Moon ritual. (May 10, 2013)

Two lines in particular stood out to me.
The first “Serving You is our reward”, the second “We teach each other all that we remember”, reminded me it’s time to begin another Priestess Program.

The Program is a year long, and involves bi-monthly participation in scheduled rituals as well as a few hours each month working (with not for me) at the mundane tasks associated with a working Temple. (..”Serving You is our reward”)

Taking this course does not make you a Priestess. That designation is one you claim yourself, but the information provided can make you a better Priestess. And as Sister Priestesses, the intent is I will learn as much from you as you do from me. (…We teach each other all that we remember”)

There is no cost for this course, but there are expenses to you as far as gas to get here two or three times each month, and a minimum 100 hours of your time over the course of one year.

If anyone is interested in beginning this program, please see me this evening, or contact me at and I will e-mail you an application, Priestess Ethics and Priestess Expectation list.