Dear Family,

As I hope to be here another 7 years (and as we continue to expand the facilities, the work expands as well), I am once again thinking of sharing this amazing temple space with another Goddess devotee, male or female.

The interested party must meet these qualifications:

(1) Have a trailer or motor home to live in
(2) Be willing to give an hour a day labor to the upkeep of the grounds
(3) Be a morning person — up early to get the work done
(4) Have their own source of income (such as a job or a pension)
(5) Have their own transportation
(6) Have a strong interest in Goddess, in green building, and in gardening
(7) Enjoy the sound of silence
(8) Be approved by the Western Shoshone (our landlords)

For more details and an application, you can email me at worldpeacevolunteer@yahoo.ocm

Feel free to pass this notice along to other Goddess groups or individuals.

Love and Blessings,

Candace Ross
Resident Priestess
Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet