by Candace Ross

In August of 1945, the US government (via the military) dropped recently developed bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki becoming the world’s largest mass murderer.

It was an un-necessary act. Japan was already on her knees. The “boys” wanted to try out their new toy. Killing a few hundred thousand civilian men, women and children was of no more concern then than it is today, to people of this mind set.

On August 9th, I stood with a very small group of caring people, at the gates of the Nevada National Security Site, (until recently known as the Nevada Nuclear Test Site) about 50 miles north of Las Vegas, 14 miles north of the Temple.

Hundreds of people drove past us on their way into work, most refusing to acknowledge us or our signs proclaiming the 66 year old atrocity. A few waved, a few more made vulgar gestures, several pointed and laughed.

I wondered if any were thinking like us, of the immoral and needless loss of so many innocent lives.

But this morning as I make my rounds, my thoughts go in a different direction. Today I focus on the fact that the US is no longer the only country that can kill at this magnitude. Many countries now have this same appalling power to destroy.

Nuclear weapons do not make the world safe. They make it un-safe. They put all of us at the mercy of a few people who have designated themselves masters of our lives. They do not care about you, or your children or your children’s children. They do not care about destroying plants or animals, polluting water, soil and air, or disrupting ancient rhythms of the planet. All they care about is money and power.

I am quite certain the next time a hate or fear driven country uses these monstrous bombs against another, many more will follow. It won’t be one country bullying the rest of the planet, it will be the instantaneous destruction of countless millions, perhaps billions of people worldwide. Survivors will face unimaginable suffering, lingering illness, starvation.

We will not destroy the Earth, but we will have destroyed humanity.
If you are not already, I beg you to become involved in the abolition of nuclear power and nuclear weaponry.