1.the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate

As we near the end of calendar year 2015, I have been thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions.
In year’s past I have promised myself to “be more productive, eat healthier, lose weight, etc,” but after an enthusiastic start, I have always drifted off course by the second or third week, and completely forgotten my intentions after a month or so.

But this year, I am confident things will be different.

My focus is going to be on an ideal, rather than on ego centered personal issues.
I am going to dedicate 2016 to “Kindness,” and resolve to be kinder.

I have always had a connection with the word “kin”, an old English word for family. So my understanding of the word “kindness”, is to “treat like family.” I like that.

What if we all treated each other like family?

What if, as the definition above says, we were “friendly, generous and considerate” of everyone, especially to people we don’t know?

Let’s all incorporate a little extra kindness into each and every day.
We might do this by being:

. Friendly – Let’s smile and say hello. Wave a greeting to neighbors. Doesn’t cost a thing.

. Generous – Many of us already donate to charities, shelters and food banks. Let’s continue that, but come up with other ways to be generous as well. How can you share your talents and time?

. Considerate – I always fall back on the “do unto others” saying. If you wouldn’t want to be treated a certain way, then do not treat others that way. Take a second before you respond, so that it is “responding”, and not “re-acting”. (Big difference.)

Imagine each small act of kindness joining with others, growing in size and intensity, until it washes over the entire planet like a huge compassionate wave.

A little thing I like to do is always put my shopping cart in the cart coral. This is being kind to the person who has to collect them and take them back inside the store, but it is also “kind” as it helps avoid dents and scratches on vehicles from run away carts.

In the coming year I plan to take a suggestion I’ve recently seen posted on facebook, and make up small gift bags for homeless people and keep several in my car at all times. (A simple zip lock bag with socks, soap and a few dollars?)

I hope you will be inspired to change the world too, one small kind act at a time.

I would LOVE to hear how you are incorporating kindness into your day. Please share your ideas and suggestions under comments for everyone to be inspired.

Let’s make 2016 the “Year of Kindness”.
Happy New Year!

Goddess bless!
Priestess Candace Ross